Is Your Baby Rejecting Cereals? Here is What to Do.

Mamas in the house do you find yourself dreading your baby’s next meal time because you are not ready to once again face the war you constantly experience when your baby sights that bowl of cereal.

Are you tired and frustrated because you have tried every trick in the book, every nursery rhyme you can remember, even danced baby shark to get your baby to take at least just a spoon of the same cereal that it once loved? Tired of the rejection for no reason. Tired of when your baby starts to spew and vomit, making a terrible mess everywhere, leaving you worried sick because your baby is hardly eating anything anymore and beginning to loose that chubby look.

The most confusing part of this experience is that, you notice a different reaction, like a look of delight on your baby’s face while you eat your own food and your baby keeps struggling with your spoon to be part of your meal.

Mama I understand your frustration perfectly, the situation we have is perfectly normal here is that your baby is crying out for more food options, not that they don’t like the cereal. They just want something new.

Now this is a good sign because, this indicates that your baby is growing and developing well.

Now, the worries we mothers have at this stage are:

  1. Is my baby old enough to start eating my meals?
  2. Can my baby chew my meals properly?
  3. Will my baby eat enough to stay full for a good length of time?

So let me answer your questions and clear out your worries Mama.

Yes your baby is old enough to start taking part of the family meals. By the time they clock 9 months you should start to encourage them to take family meals. Of course it will have to be very soft so that it can be meshed for your baby to eat easily, take in and digest.

Yes your baby can chew on the foods, don’t underestimate what their gums and saliva can do to get that food in. But to make it easier for them to eat make sure the meals are done very soft and meshy or you can purée the meal.

Of course they won’t eat so much at a time at first, it’s expected. Don’t try to force feed. You can feed them little bits at different points in time. You can create a schedule for this.

Now, that I have been able to clear out all of your worries let’s have a recipe you can start with. It’s also a great family meal. Actually this is what we take for lunch on Saturdays, so go ahead and try it.

Remember to save this recipe and share with other mum who have such challenges with their babies. Want more recipes like this? just contact me and I will be more than happy to help.


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