“Get Rid Of The Cold” Juice.

Still having lots of rain here in Lagos, is this the same in other states cos this rain we are having at this time really is surprising. I know it’s beginning to get cold in other countries outside Africa, so these juices will be of help also.

My kids have been having catarrh and runny noise despite the multivitamins. But what I have been doing to keep it at bay is just to increase their fruit intake just to boost up their immune system.
I think it’s just great to create the habit to offering your kids fruits or juices to help keep this cold Issues always from them.

So here are my juice recipes

1. Orange Juice: this is my no.1 juice, can be given twice a day.
For kids younger than 12 months, you can dilute with clean water.

2. Sinus Juice: This is a combo I came up with. It’s made up of carrots, oranges, apples and a little ginger. Using a juice, Juice each and mix and serve as a juice, this is good for kids older than 12 months.

3. Cold Drops: This is another combo I came up with made up of ginger, turmeric. I brew it with hot water and place in a bottle and use a dropper to give my kids. 2-3 drops are fine. I also add some drops into their fruit purées or juices.

With this, we can keep the antibiotics away from our kids.

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