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Everything You Need To Know About Constipation In Babies.

There is nothing more distressing than when you start to notice changes in your baby’s stool.Where your baby had a bright yellow runny poop, all of a sudden it changes color becomes hard. In some cases, some babies even strain when trying to poop.The most frightful is when your baby who would usually poop once […]

Main Meal

Simple Veggie Noodles

Where are my indomie Mamas. This is for you! Actually I don’t even have any form of instant noodles in my home, said a BIG NO to instant noodles for almost 2 years now for reasons I think we all know. But I was given some noodle packs and since I won’t throw them away, […]


Stir-Fried Egg & Veggie Noodles

The little man refused to allow me take the picture of the meal and kept digging into the plate. Had to take a shot anyhow.But today’s meal is stir fried noodle (without the seasoning) with veggies. I used coconut oil to stir fry.It’s relatively a very simply meal that can go for the family and […]