Semolina For Babies: When To Introduce, Health Benefits, and Recipes.

Rich in Iron, a perfect and cost-effective cereal for babies.
I wish I knew about this when my kids were younger.
While looking for a new cereal I could give my daughter during the lockdown, apart from rice, oats, pap, and store-bought cereals (Oh yes. I give my kids Cerelac and the likes from time to time), I came across Semolina for Babies online.

Of course, I carried out my research to make sure it’s safe for babies and kids.
It’s funny how I didn’t remember how my mum loaded my siblings and I with semo and wheat cereal when we were kids (just wished it was blended with fruits. I would have been happier to take it).

In places like India, babies are introduced to semolina cereal (popularly known as sooji) from 6 months of age.

Semolina is a product of wheat.

There are quite a few good things going for this smooth and creamy semolina porridge.

  1. A rich source of iron and potassium (major nutrients needed for a growing baby).
  2. The presence of proteins in semolina, along with carbohydrates, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E make it an all-round nutritious choice.
  3. Since it is easy to eat and digest, there is no fear of constipation issues with your baby on this one.
  4. It is healthy and filling for babies and toddlers.

How To Make Semolina For Babies.

It requires little ingredients.
It is a welcome change from pap, oats and other cereals.

  1. Mix the semolina flour/powder in water to dissolve properly to a light paste.
  2. Place in a saucepan and cook on low heat until it thickens.
  3. Add baby formular.

With these steps above you have your basic semolina base.
You can spice things up a little by adding dry fruits, fresh fruits, berries, turmeric, cinnamon, date syrup. For kids over 1 year, you can add honey. The options are really endless.

Things To Consider When Making Semolina for Baby Food.

Although semolina is one of the best foods to give to your baby, you cannot afford to take chances. There are certain things you should keep in mind when making semolina for your baby.

  1. Though semolina has many nutrients, the quantity of nutrients is less in comparison with other grains. So it is necessary to fortify it with vegetables, fruits and milk.
  2. The consistency of semolina, the water required and the amount of time it takes to cook depends quite a bit on whether the grains are fine or medium-sized. Thankfully ours in this part of the world is fine.
  3. Semolina is a product of wheat. Make sure you watch out for any allergies or tummy issues when feeding a baby.

Semolina Recipes

Vanilla Flavored Semolina Cereal


  • Semolina flour/powder
  • Vanilla extract
  • Date syrup
  • Baby Formular/breast milk


  1. Prepare your semolina base and shown above. Just add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence while cooking.
  2. Sweeten with a little date syrup.
  3. Add milk and serve.
  4. For older kids, you can add some toppings, in this recipe I used sweetened oats crumbs.

Semolina & Yogurt Cereal

Semolina & Yogurt Cereal


  • Semolina Flour
  • Baby Yogurt/Plain yogurt
  • Baby formula/breastmilk
  • Date syrup


  1. Prepare your semolina base and shown above.
  2. Add baby-friendly yogurt or any plain yogurt.
  3. Sweeten with a little date syrup.
  4. For older kids, you can add some toppings, in this recipe I used sweetened oats crumbs.

Try out these recipes and let me know how it goes in the comment section. Have any questions? drop a comment below.

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